I am delighted to share that I'm assistant directing INDEPENDENCE by Lee Blessing, going up at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory on March 16th! I am assisting co-directors Elizabeth Davis and Srđa Vasiljević, and it has been absolutely divine to dig my hands into the rehearsal process on this work and be involved. 

I highly recommend purchasing a ticket! If you find yourself craving more information, here is our Facebook (and psst - here is our Indiegogo.)

A quick, small list of things that have inspired me lately: Ladybird, the new season of Queer Eye, this article, and of course: this speech.

More regular website updates in 2018,



actual summer

'Tis been a minute!

Well, okay, no, it's been several minutes. 

A piece of good news that I'm very excited to share: I have been accepted to the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Observership Class of 2017-2018. I'm so thrilled for the opportunity to meet and to learn from the other artists in this group and share a year together! 

Some other things: I joined the Astoria Choir, which has been a source of weekly cheer that certainly helped me get through our unnecessary extension of winter/wintery spring we had this year. I've been dancing regularly, taking advantage of the extra daylight with running, and working towards the next thing (whatever that next thing may be.) In other words: more soon!

No YOU'RE Listening To Waving Through A Window For The Thousandth Time,



Autumn has proven itself to be a whirlwind. A quick update to say that, for the past few weeks, I've been assistant directing MIDSUMMER in the company of the most delightful and incredible artists. Working as an AD to Sara Holdren has been an incredible experience and it has been an honor to share the room with her and this amazing group of people.

MIDSUMMER is the inaugural production of Tiltyard, a brand new Brooklyn-based theatre company. It is a hilarious, gorgeous, and highly clever 90-minute adaptation of the Shakespeare classic. We have four shows remaining, running at the American Theatre of Actors. Buy your tickets here!

beware of dog

We're a week out from opening! Tonight is our first evening in the gorgeous Wildehart loft space. The process has been wonderful, and I'm thrilled to watch it come to life. I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance - which you can do so by clicking here!

july, july

I hope that all who read this post find themselves in the comfort of very effective air conditioning. 

Hi! This summer has been delightful. Recent adventures include hopping onto the other side of the table as an assistant director! For the past few weeks, I've been working on The Brewing Department's upcoming production of Beware of Dog by Matthew McShane. The writing is sharp and stellar and the cast is comprised of some really wonderful humans. If you fancy yourself as someone who'd like to support new work, you can find a place to do just that right here.

I also played a small role in a new pilot called The Same Coin written and directed by Cris Thorne! See stills below:

And, because summer is a great time to pick up new hobbies - I've been learning conversational Spanish and I've started taking guitar lessons! I grew up playing instruments, but I've always wanted to get beyond basic guitar playing. Maybe, if bravery beckons, I'll post a video or two in the near future. 

spring things

These days, life has been sprinkled with long distance bike rides, working a ton, and trying to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers on the Monday Morning Internet.

On deck: I'm in the upcoming round of ESPA's Detention series! If you don't have plans on Cinco de Mayo, I'll be performing in a short play called "Actor's Guide to Surviving The Holidays," directed by Louise Bylicki and written by Gael Schaefer. It's definitely got a little bit of that art-imitates-life thing going on (for me, at least), and I highly recommend checking it out. Jimmy's No. 43 on the LES - 7PM & 9PM. It is FREE, also.

Some more good news: I am now a work study student at the Peoples Improv Theatre! I'm also going to be taking Advanced Shakespeare Scene Study at Pearl Theatre Company this summer.

This week also marks two years since I moved to New York, which is absolutely wild. However, I have unabashedly wept on enough subways, consumed enough bagels, and torn through enough walking shoes to have strong conviction in my NYC residency. 




*tap tap*

Is my mic on?

2016 has been a good one, so far. Here's a few things I've been up to:

1. I took Improv Level 1 at the PIT and fell totally in love. I've done sketch/improv before, but never in a class setting. I saw lots of free PIT shows, went to a few 10ks, and had an absolute blast performing in our showcase. I'd say my only regret is not taking it sooner, but the people in my class were PURE GOLD. I start Level 2 in a few weeks!

2. I'm currently taking advanced scene study at ESPA/Primary Stages. Right now, we're working on Stupid Fucking Bird and focusing on incorporating the Études technique. I loooove this play. Furthermore, I'm learning so much from how the technique we're utilizing is breaking open the story. I also performed in ESPA's Detention #33: Big Trouble at Jimmy's No. 43 in the East Village in March.

3. Shows I've loved: [title of team] & Royals at the PIT, Bianca Maroquín at 54 Below, and Body of an American at Primary Stages. Show that I really freaking loved: Glory of the World at BAM. If we're talking television, give me The People vs. OJ Simpson and the latest season of Broad City, for sure.

4. I'm writing! I've always been interested in and enjoyed creating stories as a writer, but never with the intention of sharing it eventually. At present, everything I'm working on is in the super-beginning stages, but nothing holds you accountable to finishing your work quite like an announcement on the www. 

And lately, I'm the happiest person now that daylight and daffodils are making a comeback. More soon!